Colt women discuss the impact of technology on gender equality

Colt women discuss the impact of technology on gender equality

 March 15, 2024

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Technology has the power to make sweeping cultural change. Yet can technology make a tangible impact on gender equality in the tech industry and beyond?

This is a question asked, and explored, in a fascinating episode on the Colt Technology Service Tech & Soul podcast.

Released to coincide with International Women's Day, the podcast features three women colleagues from Colt sharing their expertise and insight. 

"AI systems, just like humans, are susceptible to unconscious biases. It’s for that exact reason why we need women at the forefront of technology," explains Colt, introducing the podcast episode.

Discussing technology and gender topics 

The episode is hosted by Colt Customer Program Manager Blanca Perez-Ordoyo Fernandez, with guests Cybersecurity Analyst, Abby Taylor, and Customer Success Manager, Simone Whitfield.

Hear Blanca, Abby, and Simone discuss:

  • The current state of gender equality in the tech industry
  • Challenges that women face in technology
  • The role of technology in making an impact on gender equality
  • Removing inherent bias from AI systems

"It's important that when these technologies are built, they are built without this bias against genders. They need to be right from the outset. In terms of using technology, we need to get more girls and women comfortable using technology, using it to learn more about tech, or networking with women like ourselves, to speak about how our careers are going, what the challenges are. Something like this podcast is brilliant because it's using that tech to get the word out," says Abby.

Exploring relationship between tech and humanity

Colt's Tech & Soul podcast explores the intricate relationship between technology and humanity. The podcast is aimed at Colt employees who want to learn from others and take in new perspectives.

The podcast focuses on themes like sustainability, human behavior, accessibility, and resilience. Colt skips over the boring questions and get straight to the juicy bits: Should we really fear AI? Can technology ever really be green? Think of this as a virtual hangout with curious Colt colleague. A space to ponder, future gaze, and share ideas.

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