Apply for Colts early careers schemes in UK, Europe and Japan

Apply for Colt's early careers schemes in UK, Europe and Japan

 March 22, 2024

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Looking to grow and learn with Colt's global teams from different cultures and countries?

From graduates to apprentices, Colt Technology Services network of bright, connected minds is transforming the way the company works at a time of digital transformation.

Applications for Colt's early career schemes in the UK, Europe and Japan are open, so apply to join Colt's early career employees who are empowered to share their unique perspectives and exchange ideas with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

Colt's early career program has global opportunities

Colt early career opportunities

For anyone looking for a career with clear development plans in a global organization, join Colt to be part of a brilliant digital infrastructure company that many of the world's leading businesses choose to connect with.

"My team is based very globally. We have some team members in Madrid, in Barcelona, we have our two India offices. In our broader team, we also have members in Frankfurt. Most of the work I do allows me to collaborate with people who work in other countries," says Colt Technology Project Coordinator, Freya Rolt.

"Some of the projects I've been on, I've been in contact with people supporting translations, for example. I've worked with very internationally based development teams, supported with testing, with colleagues from India, from Spain, all over. I would say working internationally is a very core part of the work that I do," adds Freya.

Learning and development experiences

Colt early career roles

Colt aims to future-proof its success by recruiting and developing the next generation. The company fully welcomes the ambition and curiosity of its employees.

At Colt, colleagues get the opportunity to explore a variety of experiences within its business. It has designed tailored schemes that will deliver the most relevant learning and development experiences, and let its people make their mark. Employees get both support and control to drive their professional development forward.

Exciting work experience and internship opportunities

Colt early career

Colt offers work experience opportunities for students still in education, where they get to learn what it's like to work with a global technology company. It helps decide if a career with Colt is right for them, and they leave better informed about what they want to do once they finish their studies.

Developing technical and soft skills

For anyone looking to start their career, Colt offers exciting apprenticeships, graduate schemes and early career roles. They'll be part of a cohort from around the world, and given access to mentors, training and on-the-job opportunities, so can develop the technical and soft skills needed for the future.

"Colt has a great work culture with lots of learning opportunities. The scope for career growth is great here!," says Colt Graduate Engineer Service Delivery Team, Operations & Engineering, India, Anu Dubey.

Apply for Colt's early careers in UK, Europe and Japan

Colt knows that early talent infuses the company with energy and keeps it thinking of new ways to serve its customers.

Colt is where employees can build a career, working alongside high profile customers and within a network of 24 offices across the globe.

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