Colts Daniela Sorriso moved from Italy to Spain for her career

Colt's Daniela Sorriso moved from Italy to Spain for her career

 April 24, 2024

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Colt Technology Services is a global digital infrastructure company that delivers extraordinary connections with genuine care. 

The company brings together amazing people, intelligent networks and like-minded partners on a global scale to create solutions that put the power of the digital universe in the hands of its customers.

One of these people is Daniela Sorriso, who relocated to Spain from Italy to start an exciting career at Colt in Customer Experience. Now, Daniela has progressed to a leadership role within the company, and works as an HR Transformation Director.

Supporting her family while working at Colt

Daniela shares her career story, and how her personal and professional lives intersect. 

"My little brother is 12 years younger than me and over the last year or so, he’s been saying to me that I’m the father he’s never had. That makes me feel really proud. We grew up in Enna, in Sicily, and it was a difficult childhood – we grew up without a father, so that was the role that I had to step into. I had to be a parent to my brother," explains Daniela.

"I moved to Barcelona in 2009 because I was offered a job at Colt, and my brother moved here about a year ago now, so we see each other quite regularly. I’ve been mentoring and coaching him over the past few years – for a while he was going through a rough time, but now everything’s changed. He works in Customer Experience like me and his Net promoter score (NPS), a market research metric, is 10, 10, 10 every time, and he says he owes that to my teachings," adds Daniela.

Colt Technology Services invests in its people

Colt Technology Services is a network of bright, connected minds.

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