Colt Technology Services Director Danielle Reilly supports charity

Colt Technology Services Director Danielle Reilly supports charity

 May 08, 2024

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Colt Technology Services believes that investing in the future is what truly matters. 

As its global network continues to connect customers, Colt's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) connects colleagues to their local communities. As part of this CSR commitment, Colt encourages all employees to get involved in community work and fundraise for charity. 

Based in London, Danielle Reilly is passionate about finding time in her busy career as a Director for AT&T Account to support Colt's charitable efforts.

Inspired by her father to give back 

Danielle's desire to give back is thanks to her father, who she considers the most influential person in her life.

"He’s the most solid person I’ve ever encountered. He’s always approachable about anything, whether it’s personal or about work, and he’s the least judgmental person I know. He runs three businesses, but he always finds time for charity work – he’s just come back from Lourdes, where we were supporting a disabled man on a seven-day trip. I’ve always aspired to be like him, and I make sure that I do my bit for charity," explains Danielle. 

Supporting Colt's community focus 

There are plenty of CSR opportunities at Colt, including an annual charity bike ride. Danielle reflects on her involvement in this fabulous initiative.

"About four years ago, one of the co-chairs of the ride’s committee was looking for more female cyclists to take part in the ride. I signed up, but soon after realized I didn’t like the idea of having to train on London roads, so I decided to help with the organization," says Danielle.

"That first year, one of my jobs was to run the lunch team – we catered for 185 people every day. The following year, the chair left and asked me to take over, and eventually, I said yes. Since then, the ride has gone from strength to strength. Last year we hit the one million euro mark with the money we've raised from the ride. I have a busy lifestyle. I’m the Account Director for Colt’s largest Wholesale customer – the reason I do this is to make a difference to these children’s charities, to the children there. I want to make a difference like my father," adds Danielle.

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