Discover Honeywells range of brilliant early career programs

Discover Honeywell's range of brilliant early career programs

 October 06, 2019

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Women, are you looking for an opportunity to accelerate an exciting career?

Honeywell's Early Career Programs are specifically designed to support graduates and young professionals in taking the next step in their careers. 

Below, Where Women Work overviews the various paths that Honeywell Early Career Program participants can choose from.

Engineering Early Careers Programs

Universal Oil Products (UOP) Career Development Program

Learn more about this field service program that prepares chemical engineering graduates for crew commissioning as well as starting-up and troubleshooting of our technology. 

Process Solutions TECPRO

Learn more about working onsite at a variety of global locations as part of Honeywell Process Solutions, solving engineering challenges at our continuous manufacturing facilities in high growth regions. 

Early Career Engineering Rotational Program (ECERP)

Learn more about applying your knowledge to influence the design of plants and processes at continuous manufacturing facilities to make them safer and more efficient. 

Technology Solutions Developing Engineer Program 

Learn more about this program that sees From avionics to building automation to safety and productivity solutions, you’ll be involved in engineering projects and learn to how to work with other teams.

Pacific Early Career Program

Learn more about how you can balance graduate development and on-the-job training, while using cutting-edge technology. 

Aero University Relations Development Program (Manufacturing Engineer)

Learn more about gaining exposure to many aspects of integrated supply chain and engineering; as well as enjoying the ability to drive change while getting results. 

Commercial Leadership & Sales Programs

Honeywell commercial sales leadership

Early Sales Career Program

Learn more about having a voice in the global marketplace, with guidance and mentoring that will help you become a professional who delivers business results. 

Honeywell Commercial Leadership Program

Learn more about getting real-life experience, working on Honeywell's strategic priorities such as organic growth, margin expansion, and transforming into a software-industrial company some of the coolest technologies with top leaders. 

Future Finance Leaders (FFL) 

Honeywell future finance

Learn more about how the Finance team collaborates across the company to enable innovation via a variety of roles in commercial finance and controllership, as well as some specialty roles, such as treasury and investor relations. 

HR Pathways

Honeywell HR pathways

HR Business Partners program

Learn more about Honeywell's human resources team and being a strategic partner with the businesses to create a culture where innovation happens.

IT and Software programs

Honeywell software genesis

Launch IT

Learn more about getting business, technical, and enablement and support experience in a fast-paced environment as part of a creative, collaborative and challenging culture where you can work on everything from data analytics to machine learning and AI, cloud to customer and user experience to project management and agile methodology. 

Software: Genesis

Learn more about creating software that solves some of the world’s toughest challenges, and have access to advanced technology, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, advanced flight navigation systems, sensing and more.

Supply Chain Programs 

Honeywell supply chains

Professional Accelerated Career Entry (PACE)

Learn more about gaining access to the inner workings of a complex supply chain where you’ll learn about acquisition, production and distribution of materials and products.

Aero University Relations Development Program (Integrated Supply Chain)

Learn more about getting exposure to many aspects of integrated supply chain and engineering; as well as enjoying the ability to drive change while getting results.

Further your career with Honeywell

You could kick-start your career with a Honeywell Early Career Program, or join this pioneering company in a number of different roles.

Search and apply for a range of exciting job opportunities today. 

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