Meet some fabulous Honeywell #futureshaper interns

Meet some fabulous Honeywell #futureshaper interns

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Do you want an internship where you solve real-life challenges?

With Honeywell's Global Internship Program, you'll take on impactful projects, build business skills and interact with leadership to help develop significant and impressive career skills.

Honeywell offers exceptional early careers support

Every single day Honeywell interns go into work knowing that they are going to learn something new. At Honeywell, they are always learning and being encouraged to develop their strengths.

Honeywell significantly invests in its interns and the company's multi-country career opportunities are certainly inviting.

Hear from three Honeywell interns

Hear from three interns about their career journeys at Honeywell: Kate Gibson, a software engineer; Jennifer Berumen, who works in cybersecurity engineering doing full-stack web development, implementing security practices and taking on many new challenges; Melissa Hardy, who works in software systems engineering.

Kate, Jennifer and Melissa have been exposed to many different career paths they can take - from remaining in engineering or exploring wider options to progress through the company.

A different sort of internship

Think your internship will be getting coffee and filing paperwork? Not at Honeywell - its interns roll up their sleeves and get hands-on with technology, solving problems and discovering their future career paths.

Olivia Barron, mechanical engineering intern

Olivia works with the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) that designs and delivers technology for hydrogen purification. She collaborates with team members creating specifications and performing calculations for the specialized equipment. Olivia loves attending Women in Networking events.

"They provide a good opportunity to learn more about different areas of the company through presentations and networking," she says

Future interns - Olivia says expect to be flooded with new information on the technical side and about working in industry in general. 

Jessie Berry, human resources intern 

Jessie reviews current Honeywell benefits and how they are marketed to our employees and candidates and from there make recommendations on how they can be improved. She loves working on a team with other HR interns across the country. 

As an intern, she works on projects that have a real impact on the business, gains insight from interactions with top leaders throughout the company, learns a lot from her experiences and the people around her.

Kathrine Gibson, software engineering intern

 After a problem has been figured out by a customer, Kathrine's design team tries to come up with a solution and then code that solution. Her role is to preserve that software in its state where there's no bugs, so in the future if they need to go back and revert to a certain state, they have the preserved software.

"I've already been touching applications that are going directly to customers, and I'm learning a lot from it, which will help me in whatever job I decide to take in the future," she says.

Kathrine tells future interns: "expect to be challenged with exciting projects and expect to meet some of the best coworkers."

Khanh Nguyen, engineering intern in Houston

Khanh works on the development of a training module for engineers on how to read process industry diagrams and use that information to build effective console displays for process plant operators following industry standards and best practices.

Her favourite part of the internship is being given assignments that constantly put her in learning mode and motivate her to go to work every day.

Kiana “Ki” Platte, health, safety & environmental (HSE) intern

Kiana works every day to improve work place health and safety.  Whether it’s relaying additional information to a tier meeting, or holding a one-on-one evaluation with an employee, there are no two days alike.

Her favourite part of the internship? "My team! They are always ready to help, reliable, and show genuine commitment," she explains.

Kiana's advice to future interns: "Twelve weeks is not that long, and if you want to gain a lot, you have to be willing to take on a lot."

Are you ready to shape your future?

Become a #futureshaper - because the future is what we make it, and you can make the future.

Visit to the Honeywell careers website to explore the wide range of exciting career pathways available.


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