Honeywell #futureshaper Charlotte Loomis on technology and safety

 October 16, 2019

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Charlotte Loomis is a #futureshaper. She works as a Senior Global Product Manger at Honeywell focusing on using technology for safety - and she specializes in hearing protection. Through her role, Charlotte champions the company's ear protection line and she has a passion for keeping people safe. 

Watch the engaging interview and video with Charlotte, who is based in San Diego.

Keeping people safe: an amazing accomplishment 

"I figured out early on that I love business, especially the business of marketing manufactured goods. I did not expect to become an expert in personal protective equipment. I love this product line, because it makes a tangible difference in workers’ lives. We keep people safe and that is a pretty amazing accomplishment to achieve," Charlotte comments. “We keep people safe and that is a pretty amazing accomplishment to achieve.” 

Could you be a Honeywell #futureshaper?

Interested in becoming a #futureshaper at Honeywell?

"Be open minded. Be willing to be uncomfortable with the unknown or out-of-the-box thinking. Embrace that what we do today will impact the future, so take a strong position to own those actions," suggests Charlotte.

There are many ambitious and dedicated women working at Honeywell and if you'd like to explore where your talent and experience may fit, research their jobs and shape your career with great purpose.


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