Honeywell #futureshaper Shilpa Venkatraman keeps workers safe

 October 21, 2019

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Shilpa Venkatraman is a #futureshaper at Honeywell. As a technology specialist, she makes assembly lines work by remote control, and keeping workers as safe as possible is her priority – especially in industries like oil refineries and pharmaceuticals.

Based in Bangalore, Shilpa shares her Honeywell career story in a special video. 

Enjoying exciting work every day

"Imagine making two electromechanical boxes talk to each other and exchange information. I develop the medium that these units can use to communicate. Similar to how human beings talk to each other with language, I work on developing the language used by some of these electromechanical units," says Shilpa, describing her job. 

"I work on a distributed control system, which is an amalgamation of numerous subsystems. As the product is so huge, the learning and exploration continues forever. The work gets me excited every day. The ecosystem at Honeywell fosters constant learning, futuristic thinking and working with utmost integrity. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be at such a place."

Honeywell: a 'powerhouse of opportunities'

Shilpa describes Honeywell as a 'powerhouse of opportunities. "It has opportunities for varied disciplines, be it engineering, research scholars, business graduates - name it and you have it here," she explains.

"I would also like people to know that it is an institution which is so varied in its offerings, starting from air purifiers, thermostats to oil & gas refinery automation to airplane engines. It is such an amazing feat that Honeywell has achieved by being a major market player in such varied markets."

Learn more about Shilpa's #futureshaper journey here

Become a #futureshaper like Shilpa at Honeywell

Honeywell is building a world that’s safer and more secure, more comfortable and energy-efficient, more innovative and productive. 

Want to be a part of their important work? Think you've got what it takes to be a #futureshaper?

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