Honeywell's Christie creates efficient, automated work spaces

 October 28, 2019

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Honeywell's Director of Engineering Christie Newsome enjoys establishing and leading teams on important projects. Her team at Honeywell turns warehouses and distribution centers into efficient, automated places.  

“I enjoy building technical teams, helping people break down large problems into manageable pieces and supporting individuals in their career development,” Christie comments. 

Addressing challenges as a team

Based in West Chester, Ohio, Christie manages engineers and project managers who are responsible for providing aftermarket engineered solutions for customers in the warehouse and distribution space as well as automated material handling equipment such as palletizers and robotics.

Christie is excited to come to work every day. She says "Working with my team to understand and address the short and long-term challenges of product development and project execution. I like to focus on the people, our processes and our products to drive efficiencies that increase our ability to be fast and nimble when engineering aftermarket solutions for our customers."

Describing working with Honeywell, she adds "You can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do, anywhere you want to do it!"

Supporting fast and accurate delivery

Discussing her job further, Christie says "My team supports the fast and accurate delivery of product via material handling within a distribution center. In some cases, we are supporting the need for 'I want it as fast as I can get it' gratification, but in others, we are putting life-saving supplies in the hands of people who need it. I always like to think of our projects in those terms where speed and accuracy are imperative."

Be the master of your own career

Christie's advice for others looking to join Honeywell and make a difference through their career is 'be the master of your own career'. "Make sure you align yourself with a dynamic mentor. Challenge the norm. Don’t be afraid to take a left turn on your career path and step outside of your comfort zone," she adds. 

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