Honeywells kids at work days inspire young Futureshapers

Honeywell's kids at work days inspire young Futureshapers

 October 31, 2019

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Having over 100 kids in the office may sound like a recipe for chaos – you might imagine paper flying everywhere, lots of shouting, and drawing on the walls. But for Honeywell, bringing your kids to work for a day is proving to be a hit with children and parents alike.

Building a more vibrant, secure, and sustainable future is important to Honeywell and a key part of that is engaging the next generation with science, technology, engineering, and math
(STEM). To spark children’s creativity and curiosity, Bring Your Kids to Work Days have taken place at Honeywell offices across the world. In Morris Plains, N.J., China, and India alone, more than 500 children took part this year.

Parents were encouraged to bring their children to work to learn about Honeywell and participate in fun, educational activities. During the course of the day, children took part in
exciting activities, engaged in scientific experiments, and discovered how their parents spend their time at work.

Coding robots to creating paper airplanes

Encouraging an interest in STEM was a key part of the events with activities such as coding robots, creating paper airplanes, and diving deep into voice-activated learning. In addition to
being shown how to make ice cream using Honeywell systems, children in Shanghai experimented with blowing up balloons just using soda water and citric acid.

Kids were also shown the importance of giving back to the community: in Morris Plains, N.J, children assembled backpacks with school supplies to deliver to a local charity to provide less
fortunate children with school supplies.

Building a sustainable future

Teaching children the value of building a sustainable future was also a key feature of the days. In India, kids took part in a competition around “building a better future” – they submitted posters to raise awareness on several critical world issues such as how to bring a forest back to life, and how to conserve energy and water.

It was a day full of fun for the kids but Bring Your Kids to Work Day also means something to Honeywell parents. One parent remarked, “My daughter had a great experience. As a 12-year-
old child, she now understands the STEM-related career options that she can explore in the future.”

Bring Your Kids to Work Day events at Honeywell locations around the globe were a wonderful bonding experience for both Honeywell parents and their children and helped bridge the gap
between the academic offerings of the school curriculum, and real-life experiences to shape the vision of our future professionals.

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