Honeywell's Sema protects critical infrastructure from cyber threats

 December 04, 2019

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Watch Honeywell's video featuring Sema Tutucu, an Operational Leader Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security (HICS).

Sema could be a superhero because her job is to fight the bad guys.

Based in Amsterdam, Sema's job role is to protect critical infrastructure from cybersecurity threats and those who try to hack the power grid.

“I make sure bad guys do not harm computer systems at our customers' sites,” says Sema. "Every day I get questions from customers who are seeking help in improving their cybersecurity architecture. I am trying to help them with an answer that takes them to the next step in the right direction. I can be satisfied at the end of my day knowing I did everything to help prevent possible cyberattacks."

Learn more about Sema's important cybersecurity work, or take a look at further Honeywell futureshaper stories.

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