Honeywell builds bridges for STEAM education

Honeywell builds bridges for STEAM education

 December 05, 2019

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Thanks to Honeywell’s new partnership with Digi-Bridge, students at the Druid Hills Academy public school in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, are getting hands-on experience with science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) every week.

Digi-Bridge and Honeywell began the STEAM Saturdays program at Druid Hills after Honeywell Hometown Solutions organized a day-long volunteer event for employees to revitalize the building and grounds. The event marked the beginning of Digi-Bridge’s partnership with Honeywell.

Digi-Bridge, which recently celebrated its five-year anniversary, works to promote STEAM education among underserved communities in Charlotte.

“Right out of the gate, we wanted to make a big impact on STEAM education here in Charlotte,” said Alyssa Sharpe, CEO of Digi-Bridge.

STEAM Saturdays teach students new skills

STEAM Saturdays programs like the one supported by Honeywell at Druid Hills are a crucial part of Digi-Bridge’s work. Teachers lead a group of more than 30 students through a STEAM-focused curriculum. The program covers 20 sessions divided into four blocks.

The curricula are chosen by the teachers and students. One group of participants is working through an aviation-themed block of lessons, which includes classroom instruction and practical activities such as designing rockets and airplanes.

Digi-Bridge’s portfolio of activities also includes Family Code-Ins, where students and their families get hands-on experience with basic coding skills.

Family events are especially important to Digi-Bridge’s community-based model.

“It lets us build on a multigenerational approach to STEAM education,” said Sharpe.

Honeywell Digi-Bridge STEAM school

While promoting STEAM education at the family level, Digi-Bridge also focuses on promoting STEAM among minorities and young women who might not be represented in traditional outreach efforts. This includes many schools in the most economically depressed parts of the Charlotte region.

“We’re bringing diverse role models and diverse mentors to the neighborhoods we serve, to show that they have a role in the next generation,” added Alysaa.

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