Meet women who code at prime employer Honeywell

Meet women who code at prime employer Honeywell

 December 20, 2019

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Women Who Code (WWCode), the world’s largest and most active community of women engineers, aims to inspire growth in technology careers for women. Honeywell hosted the WWCode’s global Tech Tour for more than 112 attendees, exploring the latest in Data Science and Python.

During the tour, industry experts shared their knowledge, advice, and experiences through panels, talks, and technical workshops designed to help women excel in technology. In this article, get to know a few of Honeywell’s own women who code, who shared career insights at the event.

Alisha Panicker, Sr. Advanced Software Engineer, Honeywell

Honeywell women who code

How did you decide on a career in tech?

My love for math and science initially encouraged me to pursue a degree in electronics engineering. During college, I was exposed to IoT (internet of things) and understood how big data could leverage data science to make sense out of it. I then made a career change to IT and analytics by pursuing my master’s degree in data science and analytics.

What advice would you would give to someone interested in a similar career path?

A person with any background could become a data scientist if they have the passion and determination. I am an example of a person who did not learn how to code while earning my undergraduate degree. But I eventually learned the “tricks of the trade” because I was passionate about data science. Never hold yourself back or compare yourself to others, because I have had moments where I would compare myself with my computer science peers and feel discouraged. Everyone has their own path, and there is no right way to reach the destination.

Akhila Puthengot, Data Scientist II, Honeywell

Honeywell women who code

What do you do in your role as a data scientist?

As a data scientist, I am a part of Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS) Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Center of Excellence team. Most of my projects involve improving Honeywell SPS products and new initiatives through machine learning solutions. Some of the principles that I have worked on include robotic perception, warehouse decision optimization, worker safety, and mobility products.

What’s excites you about your job?

Each day there is a new problem for me to solve. One fear I had when starting my career in tech was that the work may become monotonous. But there is a wide range of innovation going on in my field that is quickly being integrated into industrial solutions.

Moulvin Sunny, Data Analyst, Honeywell

Honeywell women who code Alisha

What advice would you offer further people insterested in data tech careers?

I would suggest you follow your passion. To get started, there are lot of papers written about data science solutions across the world. Online data science courses are also a great resource to learn about the field. It also helps to have a mentor already in the field.

Why did you choose Honeywell as your employer?

I had a wonderful experience working as an intern with Honeywell, and I wanted to continue my journey with the company. Honeywell is a diverse conglomerate. It had a lot of interesting projects and I was sure I would learn a lot if I continued working here. The work culture of Honeywell is really good, which is just icing on the cake.

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