Honeywell's Lisa Butters manages an airplane parts startup

 January 09, 2020

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Watch Honeywell's video featuring Lisa Butters, General Manager, GoDirect™ Trade (powered by Honeywell).

In her important role based in Phoenix, Arizona, Lisa manages a startup that uses blockchain to sell used airplane parts at Honeywell.

Lisa describes herself as a 'tech geek at heart'. She graduated from college at nineteen and started her career in web development and database programming. She has a continued passion for developing her her craft in the user experience and says that a Honeywell #futureshaper should have grit, creativity, curiosity and the ability to connect the dots.

"GoDirect Trade is an online marketplace for used aerospace parts. Every day, I come into work trying to keep this baby alive and thriving," says Lisa. "To wake up every day, with the sole purpose to keep this startup alive but ensure its survival for many years to come, makes every day exciting."

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