Honeywell inspires women and girls careers via great events

Honeywell inspires women and girls' careers via great events

 January 15, 2020

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As a prime employer for women, Honeywell is committed to helping female professionals excel through their careers and to supporting young girls considering their work futures.

Discover some of the partnerships and events Honeywell has been working on recently to support women and girls.

Supporting high school students with Posse 

For 30 years, Posse has identified and trained young people with extraordinary potential who might be missed by elite schools. Their program places scholars in supportive, multicultural groups of 10 students. With mentoring and full-tuition leadership scholarships from our partner colleges, Posse scholars graduate at a rate of 90 percent. As Posse alumni, they are well prepared and positioned for success.

The Honeywell Connected Enterprise headquarters in Atlanta, GA hosted more than 100 high school Posse scholarship recipients to support them with interviewing and job applications.

Honeywell STEM Posse high school

More than 20 Honeywell employees participated by helping register the students for the event and served as Dynamic Assessment Process (DAP) Evaluators to help observe the students in the first round of practice interviews.

Honeywell STEM Posse

Posse empowers diverse groups of leaders who transform communities, their country, and the world. Honeywell is helping in this mission to shape the future for women leaders.

Honeywell Women’s Network spends a day with Cool Girls

The Honeywell Women’s Network (HWN) focuses its attention on local organizations that strive to improve the surrounding community. As a part of their efforts, the HWN partnered with Cool Girls, Inc.

Honeywell Womens Network STEM

The Cool Girls’ mission is to empower Atlanta girls to break the cycle of poverty, low self-esteem, and teen pregnancy. They provide opportunities to young girls form low-income communities while instilling leadership, confidence, and respect.

The A group from Cool Girls visited the Honeywell Atlanta headquarters and participated in activities that taught them about career opportunities. One of their activities included hearing from a panel discussion of female Honeywell employees with different career backgrounds. They learned about their women's different backgrounds and career paths that brought them to their current position. Panelists included Spandana R avulapalli (Sr. Software Engineer), Tiffany Egan (Sr. Scrum Master), Rachel Weiss (HR Leader for the Engineering function within Global Fire, Global Security and Electrical Products for HBT), Remi Shah (Software Engineering Intern), and Gracelyn Miller (UX Designer).

Honeywell Cool Girls mission

After the panel discussion, the Cool Girls participated in a vision boarding activity, where they mapped out their 10-year career plan. One girl wanted to be a software developer and another was interested in data science. There was even a girl who was already touring college campuses as a tenth grader in high school.

Honeywell Cool Girls

HWN plans to continue to partner with Cool Girls again, including with their Cool Scholars and Cool Tech programs.

Honeywell Women’s Network meets up with Flatiron School 

HWN engages with various women in tech meetups in the Atlanta area to pinpoint potential #futureshapers, while serving as active members in the Atlanta tech community. It is Honeywell’s hope to develop partnerships that can contribute to the success of women in the tech industry.

When researching meetups, they found Women Take Tech // Atlanta. This meetup is organized by Tammy Carson who additionally works as the Campus Director for Flatiron School Atlanta. The Flatiron School offers 15-week boot camp programs in software engineering, UX/UI design, and data science. HWN quickly collaborated to form a partnership, deciding that a quarterly panel showcasing their successful boot camp graduates would be valuable for the students.

Honeywell Womens Network HWN

During the first boot camp panel, Honeywell's UX Designer Gracelyn Miller moderated the discussion for panelist the panelists: Senior Software Engineer Jamie King, Software Engineer Johnathan Rubin, UX Designer Lauren Duxbury, and UX Researcher Lauren Lideen. All the panelists were also boot camp graduates. Panelists shared their personal experiences with the program, what nudged them to pursue a path in tech, tips and tricks they learned over the years, and how to best prepare for the job market after graduation.

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Honeywell understands that any woman, from any background or at any stage in her career, can contribute something vital to the company.

Take a look at the wide range of latest job vacancies on offer at Honeywell.


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