Honeywell Aerospace launches Urban Air Mobility video series

Honeywell Aerospace launches Urban Air Mobility video series

 February 11, 2020

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A new generation of innovators is looking for ways to quickly and efficiently move people within cities in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Soon passengers and goods will routinely fly aboard a new breed of cleaner, smarter air vehicles. The age of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is upon us, and Honeywell is on the leading edge.

What does it take to create technology for the up-and-coming urban air mobility market?

To answer that question, Honeywell Aerospace is launching a new video series, “What it Takes,” that cuts through the hype and focuses on the electronics, propulsion, mechanical components and other systems needed to make these radically new aircraft not just flyable, but viable.

“There are so many challenges when you want to create an entirely new industry, especially in a sphere like aviation which is very technical and very highly regulated as well” says Elan Head in this pilot episode.

Working closely with leading innovators

The series focuses on electric and hybrid-electric, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, known as eVTOLs. More than 150 companies around the world are developing prototypes of these vehicles, and the effort is attracting billions of dollars in investment.

Honeywell is working closely with leading innovators like Vertical AerospaceVolocopterJaunt Air Mobility and Pipistrel.

The first episode The Future of Flight provides an overview of urban air mobility and why it has captured the imagination of aircraft designers.

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