Women engineers: "These are exciting times to be at Honeywell"

 March 03, 2020

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At Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS), diversity is the foundation of its innovation culture that promotes respect, understanding and appreciation of different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. It is one of the energy sources that enables Honeywell global teams to generate new and better ideas faster, and to collaborate and innovate more effectively.

These global teams include some talented women engineers who are thriving in their careers at Honeywell.

They share whey they love working for the company.

Lei Lei, China

"Honeywell always makes me feel respected, especially when I got interviewed for the developing engineer program and I also met many awesome female engineers."

Kristyna Greplova, Czech Republic

"Now I am application engineer responsible for turbocharger development from initial customer request to final production release. I believe that the Honeywell is a really good company that you can choose different positions, you can rotate within the company and really grow. There is high growth potential."

Navyatha V, India 

"Honeywell gives me an equal opportunity to perform and compete. This encourages me to perform at my potential, above my potential. These are exciting times to be at Honeywell and I'm glad to be part of it."

Alejandra Fuentes, Mexico

"It's one of the very well established companies in the city and one of the few that has a design department. I was looking to start my career growth in the design department."

Li Wang, China

"Honeywell encourages females to take leadership and grow themselves within the company."

Xiaping Fan, China

"I feel much respect and care from my male colleagues and I enjoy working with them."

Lenka Kubanova, Czech Republic

"Six years ago I was working in another IT company here in Brno city and many of my colleauges where moving to Honeywell and it was considered as the next level to go to and I saw it as an opportunity to learn new things. Now after six years I think it was a good decision because I'm working on many interesting IT projects with colleagues all over the world."

Jana Eitlerova, Czech Republic

"The reason why I choose Honeywell is simple the company truly impacts flying. Brno has the biggest research and development center in Europe and we also have many unique laboratories such as simulators."

Pritha Ghosh, India

"Every day in the morning I wake up and I'm excited to come to work because there are new things to learn every single day, new challenges to overcome and there's a very nurturing supportive team which is helping you do that. I'm extremely proud of the fact that I work in a company which actively encourages diversity in all its forms."

Carolina Romero, Mexico

"I'm so happy and grateful for Honeywell because I find so many opportunities to shine, to develop my skills, and learn with my team."  

Lidia Torres, Mexico

"Honeywell gives you the opportunity to grow and work in different areas. It doesn't matter if you are a woman or man, it only depends on your skills."

Visalakshi Subramaniam, India

"The ability to learn and enhance my knowledge is what really excites me here in HTS. The bigger aspect is that I am able to combine the business along with the technology that I am working on in my everyday life making a big difference to Honeywell Aerospace and that makes me want to come to HTS every day."

Viktoriia Klymenko, Czech Republic

"I have considered science and engineering fascinating all my life and I would like to develop something new and useful for people and our society. I think Honeywell is the right company to do it and it can help me not only to provide some benefits to society but also to develop myself and grow up."

Viridiana Islas, Mexico

"Honeywell encourages me to be a better person, explore myself and develop new ideas that turn into new solutions."

Join talented women engineers at Honeywell 

All over the world, women at Honeywell are enjoying a thriving career and helping to shape the future.

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