Honeywell leaders share what #EachforEqual means to them

Honeywell leaders share what #EachforEqual means to them

 March 12, 2020

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The International Women’s Day theme of #EachforEqual calls on everyone to promote gender equality. In recognition of this campaign, Honeywell reached out to six leaders to find out what #EachforEqual means to them.

Ensuring we all have a seat at the table

#EachforEqual assures that we all have a seat at the table; that we are all valued; that we all have the opportunity to not only perform at our best but push others to perform at their best," says President of Mechanical Systems and Components Becky Sidelinger (pictured above).

Building progress and momentum

Karen Ricketts Honeywell

Karen Rickketts.

Karen Ricketts, Sales Director for Honeywell Aerospace, agrees: “#EachforEqual means progress, it means momentum, another year of focus on the value and importance of equality and diversity for all.

“I grew up in professional environments where statements like, ‘You need to work 50 per cent harder than the men on my team to prove you should have the same job – and by the way – you won’t get paid the same,’ were not only common, they were accepted,” she continues. “I want to be part of the positive change that will benefit my granddaughters, my goddaughter, and daughters. I want them to have it all: motherhood, being a great wife, sister, daughter and being a respected professional in their chosen field.”

Women being treated equally

Part of women being able to perform at their best is being treated equally.

Samantha Stoddard Honeywell

Samantha Stoddard.

“As a finance leader, most of my colleagues have been men,” Samantha Stoddard, CFO of Integrated Supply Chain for Safety and Productivity Solutions said. “I never want to be seen as a female finance leader, just simply a finance leader.”

Joining the inner circle

The idea of being fully accepted by colleagues is a key aspect of inclusion and diversity agendas that some leaders feel needs to be addressed.

The women all agreed that it is important for colleagues and peers pull them into the inner circle and include them in informal work or social gatherings.

Susan Barlow Honeywell

Susan Barlow.

“The amount of business discussions and decision-making in these environments can be equal to or more than in the formal office interactions. Exclusion in these environments can lead to inequality,” said Susan Barlow, VP of IT.

Karen Ricketts expanded on this idea. “A quote that stuck with me is, ‘Diversity is being asked to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance, but belonging is feeling able to dance like nobody is watching,’” she said. “Real equality is feeling like you belong – not being there because there was a mandate to employ more women.”

Completing #EachforEqual actions

To help promote gender equality, some Honeywell leaders have committed themselves to completing at least one #EachforEqual action.

Miriam Jackson Honeywell

Miriam Jackson.

“I plan on actively participating in a local charity or event in my community that promotes or celebrates women,” Miriam Jackson, VP and General Counsel of Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Connected Aircraft said.

For Senior Director, Engineering, Honeywell Building Technologies, Commercial Fire Udaya Srivastava, her #EachforEqual action focuses on imparting this wisdom to others. “I will continue to demonstrate gender equality to my son,” she said. ​​​

Udaya Honeywell

Udaya Srivastava.

Looking to female role models

As for women role models, the interviewees named a variety of women, from Amelia Earhart, Michelle Obama, to their own mothers, who pushed them to become independent. Some role models, though, come in smaller sizes.

“There are so many days when I’m with my 11-year-old daughter and think, ‘I wish I could be more like her!’” Susan Barlow said. “My daughter embraces challenges. For her, obstacles are perceived as fun — like a puzzle to be solved.”

“When things get intense or I’m feeling pessimistic, I take a step back and think about how she might perceive the situation. And if all else fails, I replay her belly laugh in my head and that is typically enough to reset my mind and be ready to conquer the problem at hand!”

All of these women leaders are representative of Honeywell’s commitment to gender diversity, and International Women’s Day is a great time to recognize their unique experiences and perspectives that women bring to the table.

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