Honeywell Global & EMEA Medical Director says its OK to not be OK

Honeywell Global & EMEA Medical Director says it's OK to not be OK

 October 14, 2020

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One in every four of us will experience mental health challenges during our lifetime. Honeywell Global and EMEA Medical Director Dr. Marcin Ajewski highlights that it is OK to not be OK. 

Promoting mental health advocacy and education

First observed in 1992 as an annual activity aimed at promoting mental health advocacy and education, World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually on October 10. Each year, the day has a special theme that provides a spotlight on the mental health challenges experienced in our world today.

This year the theme addresses Mental Health for All. Greater Investment - Greater Access.

"The statistics are clear - one in every four of us will experience mental health challenges during our lifetime. Recognizing that it’s OK not to be OK benefits us all, and promoting awareness and education is critical." says Dr. Ajewski.

As we spend much of our time in the workplace, it is important to recognize and understand that work can play a successful and key role in the rehabilitation of individuals suffering from a mental health episode. Work gives a sense of purpose and belonging that can be an enabler for success. It is vital that all teams and managers are aware, open and ready to support and accept the importance of being an ally for colleagues who are facing mental health challenges.

A safe environment for all 

"I am proud to say that at Honeywell we take this subject extremely seriously. Our confidential Employee Assistance Programs, comprehensive training programs, and how we do business creates a safe environment for all. At Honeywell we continue to develop and improve ways to support the important mental health agenda, as part of our commitment to creating an inclusive work environment for all," explains Dr. Ajewski.

"Mental health challenges can affect any of us. Please be aware, show your support, get help if you aren't OK, and join us in removing the stigma of mental health issues."

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