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Women make up over 40% of Diageos leadership talent

Women make up over 40% of Diageo's leadership talent

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Diageo is committed to championing inclusion and diversity across its business, and accelerating female representation in leadership roles is key to this.

Diageo has set bold ambitions of having 50% representation of women in leadership roles and 45% from ethnically diverse backgrounds by 2030, as part of the company's Spirit of Progress 10-year action plan.

Debra Crew is Diageo's Chief Executive.

Debra Crew Diageo

Lavanya Chandrashekar is Diageo's Chief Financial Officer.

lavanya chandrashekar diageo

Cristina Diezhandino is Diageo's Chief Marketing Officer.

cristina diezhandino diageo

Sally Grimes is Diageo's Chief Executive Officer for North America.

sally grimes diageo

Hina Nagarajan is Diageo's Managing Director and CEO for India.

hina nagarajan diageo

Louise Prashad is Diageo's Chief HR Officer

louise prashad diageo

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Diageo has many impressive executive women driving its success.

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