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Find out how far youll go as a WTW apprentice

Find out how far you'll go as a WTW apprentice

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Are you looking for an alternative path to university or do you want to make a career change? 

An apprenticeship with WTW could be the perfect solution. From day one you’ll have a permanent job with a competitive salary and you’ll grow and develop within a diverse, inclusive culture as you tackle challenges and projects alongside graduate colleagues. Plus, with comprehensive training, support from tutors and a skills coach, and the ability to gain a fully funded professional qualification, you will be well on your way to building a successful career.

Award winning Apprenticeship program

WTW's Apprenticeship program has been recognized by organizations and institutions across Great Britain, including:

  • BAME Apprenticeship Awards 2021 - Employer Finalist 
  • Learning Awards 2021 - 'Apprenticeship program of the Year' Finalist

WIllis Towers Watson apprentice awards

Earn while you learn from day one

A WTW apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to earn while you learn from day one. On average, you will spend 20% of your time training towards a professional qualification. The other 80% you will spend working with one of their business teams, experiencing first-hand how the company partners with their clients to find smart, innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

WTW advises clients and organizations across all industries, from financial services to retail, telecommunications and energy. The company works with many of the world’s leading and largest companies and often collaborates with their offices around the world to provide a truly global service offering.

What’s it like to be an apprentice at WTW?

Lisa Rampley shares her story on completing an apprenticeship and how it empowered her to improve her leadership skills and advance her career at WTW.

"During the program we would always bounce ideas off of each other. This helped us obtain different perspectives on each topic. Also, WTW’s Professional Development program is designed in a way that easily accommodates the professional experience of all participants so that everyone can learn something new and interesting regardless of their background," explains Lisa.

Find out how far you’ll go 

Benefit from the knowledge and experience that a WTW apprenticeship offers.

Find out just how much you can achieve as a WTW apprentice.


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