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Willis Towers Watson MD Amanda Scott speaks at Airmic Conference

Willis Towers Watson MD Amanda Scott speaks at Airmic Conference

 October 11, 2021

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Willis Towers Watson Managing Director, Amanda Scott, addressed a Women in Business networking breakfast at the Airmic Conference and spoke about exploring the opportunities lockdown learnings can offer employer and employees alike.

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While the pandemic has caused widespread personal and global tragedies, opportunities have also arisen through lockdown and working from home that many people otherwise would not have had. And we need to learn from these. There have been personal opportunities to spend more time with family, streamlined access to work for those with disabilities, and more support and recognition for carers than ever before. This is our moment in time to capture these learnings, to improve work/life balance and even improve work/home gender balance for the future.

Amanda Scott shared her personal story and discussed what working from home can mean for gender equality, equality for those with disabilities or long-term illnesses and the broader people agenda over the longer-term.

Amanda addressed the questions: What lessons can we learn? What innovations can we bring to our businesses? How can we use our learnings to retain and engage people?

Pandemics spark innovation and the people agenda is ripe for renovation, so the breakfast provided a chance for networking among like-minded professionals discussing their experiences and sharing their ideas. 

The conference also saw Willis Towers Watson host a panel discussion on Sustainability without compromise - delivering long-term value in a fast-changing world, and deliver a hub session on Reputation risk management – a new perspective.

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