Meet Honeywell VP & General Counsel, Svenia Roggenkamp

Meet Honeywell VP & General Counsel, Svenia Roggenkamp

 October 18, 2021

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Where Women Work connected with Svenia Roggenkamp, Vice President & General Counsel, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India and Global Legal Entity Management at Honeywell to discuss how she is inspiring other women at Honeywell.

At Honeywell, every day provides an opportunity to learn a new skill

Svenia manages the legal function in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and India and ensures good corporate governance of legal entities around the globe with her talented team. Svenia loves to develop her legal team, from staffing to development, but she also enjoys working with all various functions and businesses on cross-functional projects and process management. “Every day there is an opportunity at Honeywell to learn a new skill and before joining the company I would have never thought that there could be such a variety of legal matters that a lawyer could be involved with, for example from environmental to employment, data, cyber, trade to Corporate Social Responsibility activities,” explains Svenia.

Additionally, Svenia is very proud of Honeywell’s achievements in the sustainability arena and closely monitors European Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) regulatory changes. “I enjoy working across teams on implementing the right processes that allow for Honeywell to be a champion in ethics and compliance within a multinational environment,” says Svenia.

Leading Honeywell’s EMEA Inclusion & Diversity Council

In addition to her day job, Svenia leads the EMEA Inclusion & Diversity Council. “I have truly enjoyed building out a governance model and implementing different activities with a team of terrific volunteers over the course of the last year,” says Svenia. “My favorite piece has been the implementation of a Women’s Development Program for top talent across our EMEA region in 2021.

The program encompasses mentoring and networking opportunities with senior leaders along with a variety of business acumen and soft skill training sessions. I am incredibly proud to see our participants shine and grow in their careers.”

A company where you can truly belong

Svenia carefully chose to work for Honeywell. “I was interviewed by two very smart women who I was looking forward to learning from. I have never regretted this decision.”

Svenia believes that the openness of Honeywell leaders provides ongoing opportunities to learn. She also attests to the fairness and recognition provided within the company for a job well done.

The possibilities for continued career growth, she says, are simply outstanding. “Without such great support, I would have never developed into the leader that I am today. I have never felt at Honeywell that being a woman, or a mum, was a reason to be treated differently. On the flip side, I have had great managers and mentors who supported me through challenging situations. Most importantly, this made me feel like I truly belong and it has empowered me to be the person I am today. I am always ready to take the next step with courage and confidence,” remarks Svenia.

Enjoying her well-deserved downtime

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When Svenia is not working, she looks to enjoy the great outdoors. “I‘m an outdoors person. I love spending time with my family skiing, hiking, sailing, or swimming; - preferably in foreign countries that we love to explore. I also like to relax with a nice cup of tea and a good book, especially with my Australian Shepherd snuggling at my feet.”

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