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Willis Towers Watsons Cynne Huang discusses her internship

Willis Towers Watson's Cynne Huang discusses her internship

 December 02, 2021

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Meet Shanghai based Cynne Huang, a former Willis Towers Watson executive compensation intern who now works as an Executive Compensation consultant with the company. 

Cynne shares her insights on completing the company's Internship program and becoming part of the team.

How did you come across the Internship program offering?

Willis Towers Watson was promoting their early careers programs at my university when I first heard about their internship schemes.

Tell us a bit about your key responsibilities when you were an intern

As an intern I was mainly responsible for analyzing executive compensation data and long-term incentive mechanisms of Chinese companies listed in Mainland China, Hong Kong and the US.

What were some key things that you learnt during your Internship program?

I learnt important communication skills and how to manage the relationship with clients. I also got the opportunity to acquire more business and industry-oriented knowledge.

Do you recall your best memory? Tell us about it!

Amongst my favorite memories are celebrating colleagues’ birthdays together and team building activities like barbeques!

What did you like the most about Willis Towers Watson’s culture and values?

There are two things I value the most from Willis Towers Watson’s values and culture:

  • Teamwork: colleagues are very helpful and willing to teach you so you can grow professionally
  • Flexibility: there’s no limit to the place or time you work as long as you’re able to accomplish the task on time.

Which other position have you filled since your Internship program?

I am currently a consultant in the Executive Compensation (EC) team. As I majored in Finance, being a Human Resources (HR) consultant is something I never imagined or saw coming. But I find it interesting how some HR-focused issues are also related to finance, such as option valuation.

How did being an intern help you prepare for a Willis Towers Watson role?

The knowledge I obtained on data collection and analysis as an intern deepened my understanding of EC, which has helped me excel in my current position.

Who'd you like to thank, or who was integral to your experience?

I’m grateful for my manager and mentor’s help during difficult times. They were kind enough to share their knowledge selflessly; I’m also very thankful to have had supportive colleagues that have since become great friends.

What's your advice for joining a Willis Towers Watson Internship program?

Do not hesitate to apply. You’ll receive great support from the Willis Towers Watson team to grow as a professional and achieve your goals.

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