Theramex supports menopause in the workplace

Theramex supports menopause in the workplace

 December 02, 2021

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With World Menopause Day raising much needed awareness about menopause, Theramex has been reflecting on the importance of addressing women's health issues in the workplace. And with menopausal women being the fastest growing demographic in the workforce, it's a vital topic to cover. 

Theramex CHRO Ajuna Kalso emphasised the importance of supporting women at work, stating, "Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce - they are crucial to our success! This year I am delighted that we are running Menopause in the Workplace training for our global teams. We are committed to supporting our employees through their individual menopausal journeys as well as supporting their respective family and friends outside of work."

World Menopause Day: Our Collective Voice

World Menopause Day is a key annual milestone in Theramex's mission to improve access to menopause care, for all women. So, in order to mark World Menopause Day, Theramex created a new series, named Our Collective Voice. Looking to open a conversation about the personal impact that the menopause can have on individuals and their families, the series aims to amplify the voices of employees. Likewise, the Our Collective Voice series provides Theramex with an opportunity to reflect on what they have achieved over the the past year, and what will further motivate them moving forward. 

Addressing menopause myths 

Various women have shared their insight through Theramex's Our Collective Voice series:

"I was sat in the doctor’s office when a wave of heat came over me that I had never felt before. I thought I was going to faint and had beads of sweat running off my face. The doctor chuckled and said “You are in the menopause”. I was shocked – I was only 44. I thought the menopause was for old ladies! That first hot flush was followed by night sweats so bad I would wake up in a pool of water in the bed. 22 years later, the hot flushes continue and I have still never worn a polyester blouse since that first day! I did try to get treatment but I was refused HRT. At the time, I wasn’t armed with enough information to fight for the help I needed."

As women in the workplace continue to suffer the symptoms of menopause, stories like this encourage reflective questions such as, when you picture a menopausal woman, how old is she? And did you realise that night sweats could be this severe?

Menopause in the workplace

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