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Willis Towers Watsons Jill Havely discusses positive relationships

Willis Towers Watson's Jill Havely discusses positive relationships

 December 20, 2021

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Jill Havely, Managing Director for Willis Towers Watson and lead of its Talent Line of Business for the Midwest Region, joins Trish Kendall on the More and Forever podcast, hosted by Spectacular at Work. Jill shares her experience and advice about what it means, and what it takes, to develop 'More and Forever' relationships.

In the podcast Jill discusses what leaders do matters to millions of people every day – to their teams, clients, and clients’ teams and customers. Additionally, Jill suggests that authenticity and vulnerability are key to creating and developing positive relationships. Furthermore, Jill believes it is the leader's role to create 'More and Forever' relationships with their teams, thus creating an environment where colleagues want to remain with the company forever, and continue to give and receive more.

Using sales experience to bolster leadership skills 

In the podcast, Jill discusses her career evolution and what makes her tick, as well as her perspective on the importance of having sales experience before becoming a leader, what it taught her and how she uses it today.

Forging authentic relationships

A further area addressed by Jill is how leaders can help everyone on their team recognize that each person is responsible for 'More and Forever' relationships - and how leaders can help staff if they don’t see relationships as their responsibility. 

The discussion also focuses on the kind of relationships Jill strives to build with her own team, what it means for leaders to trust themselves, and what it can bring to clients.

In the podcast, Jill provides an example of creating a 'More and Forever' relationship with a client, the lessons she learned, and how that relationship has continued to grow throughout her career. 

She also speaks about the importance of leaders embracing their own style as they grow professionally, as well as the role vulnerability plays and how leaders can create real partnerships with clients. 

Jill also discusses what it means for professionals to really serve clients forever. “How do you help your team when they are worried about seeming too salesy? I want my team to bring forward new concepts when they make sense for the client,” says Jill.

Jill also shares her joy in watching her adult children embrace their own leadership styles and the positive impact they have on those around them.

Forge a successful relationship with Willis Towers Watson 

If building positive and productive forever relationships resonates with your purpose, working for a company like Willis Towers Watson could be a great career move. 

Research Willis Towers Watson's latest job opportunities and bring your skills, experience, and individuality to this leading company.


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