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WTWs Monica Martin reminds candidates to consider all benefits

WTW's Monica Martin reminds candidates to consider all benefits

 January 10, 2022

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WTW Total Rewards Leader, Monica Martin, highlights the importance of candidates comparing the total value of all benefits on offer before accepting a position. 

"When you're considering a job offer, remember to consider both hard-dollar benefits and other benefits that you value, like remote work options or career growth opportunities," says Monica. 

Monica told CNN Business that beyond total compensation, candidates should consider benefits on offer that are hard to put a fixed dollar amount on but which are very valuable to them. 

"Maybe your company lets you work at home a few days a week -- how much does that save you in commuting, dry cleaning and other related costs? Or what about career growth opportunities or mentoring programs that could lead to a bigger paycheck down the line? For lower wage workers in particular, even if a new employer offers a higher hourly wage but skimps on benefits you currently have, will that new offer really provide more money at the end of the day than you're making now? Think about the total package," suggests Monica.

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