Kinnera Angadi highlights Honeywell’s inclusive community

Kinnera Angadi highlights Honeywell’s inclusive community

 February 03, 2022

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“Believe in yourself and chase your dreams,” says Kinnera Angadi. “I want to become my best. I accept change and I thrive on grabbing opportunities.” Inspiring words indeed from Kinnera, who works as chief technology and chief product officer for the Commercial Security business within Honeywell Building Technologies. 

As part of her role, Kinnera leads product and engineering teams that develop and launch new commercial security products including access control, integrated security, intrusion, and video solutions. 

Kinnera’s team develops security solutions that protect and connect buildings, businesses and people. These integrated solutions help customers protect staff and property, optimize productivity and comply with strict industry regulations, all while reducing operational costs. She pushes her team to leverage the latest technologies from advanced edge analytics, deep learning and AI capabilities.

“We’re working with our customers to integrate their security systems into their business plans,” said Kinnera. “This means we’re advancing our technologies to not only help customers manage risks but to also solve problems and drive better decision making.”

Leading teams for innovation

Kinnera’s career to date is impressive. She has led teams to launch new and innovative products. Additionally, she and her team have worked to leverage Honeywell Commercial Security products to address a community need.

In 2021, Kinnera’s team was tapped to support Honeywell’s efforts to conduct mass COVID-19 vaccination events across Charlotte, N.C., with its partners Atrium Health, Tepper Sports & Entertainment and Charlotte Motor Speedway. The challenge was to identify ways to help lessen bottlenecks, reduce waiting times and increase the doses administrated at each site.

In just days, Kinnera and her team created custom deployments of Honeywell video management systems and video analytics using artificial intelligence to count cars and people at the vaccination sites, without identifying individual patients, to predict and improve patient wait time and determine staffing needs. Honeywell’s Pro-Watch Intelligent Command interface was used to monitor queues at each checkpoint of the vaccination process – from registration to exit – to help the operations team predict wait times, peak times and staffing needs. The effort distributed vaccinations to more than 35,000 people and when combined with other Honeywell technologies, maintained a pace of 7 to 8% ahead of schedule.

“We were able to take the mass vaccination program from concept to reality in a matter of days because of our team’s existing structure, communication and collaboration,” said Kinnera. “It was rewarding to help to show our security products can be used in unexpected ways that are relatable to everyday problems that our customers like face like managing egress into a car park or people flow at a high-traffic event.”

An inclusive work culture with supportive communities 

Honeywell’s work culture strongly supports its women employees.

Kinnera highlights the company’s abundance of communities that support and forge Inclusion and Diversity including its Women in Technology (WIT) employee resource group. 

“Honeywell’s Women in Tech Network is a grassroots network with a mission to foster growth and community across Honeywell for women in technology and it advocates through providing resources, development opportunities, and visibility,” explains Kinnera. 

In 2021, WIT's theme of ‘Brand You’ encompassed building one’s personal and professional brand. In 2022, WIT is focusing on how to become digitally savvy. WIT offers a wide range of events including quarterly global events with Honeywell leaders in technology and quarterly global theme related events. 

Within the nine hub-locations across the world there are Learn & Grow Sessions that focus on various technologies and professional development, as well as Community Engagement and Service activities focusing on women’s development and technology. 

Women in Tech has more than 1,000 Honeywell members and continues to grow. WIT hopes that this community can be leveraged as a stepping-stone to fulfill each member’s goals by helping them fill their person toolbox for success. 

The power of positive focus 

A highly motivated team player, Kinnera espouses a wealth of positive beliefs to keep her focused and keen to seize challenges. 

“It’s important to build confidence and become your best,” suggests Kinnera. “Believe in yourself, learn from mistakes, enjoy the taste of success, and never give up.”. 

A keen risk-taker, Kinnera makes sure that she owns all her decisions. She feels a profound sense of responsibility. 

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