Theramex launches campaign to support women in STEM

Theramex launches campaign to support women in STEM

 February 15, 2022

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Women’s health company Theramex is an inclusive employer that strives to support women’s health needs today and in the future. Likewise, Theramex is dedicated to supporting women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) roles.  

As a result, Theramex has launched its new campaign STEMbySTEM, stating, “Here at Theramex we have launched the campaign #STEMbySTEM, because we know how important the representation of women in the field of science is. For this reason and much more we want to give our support to those scientists and future scientists who work to help society."

Attracting female talent in STEM careers

Theramex STEMbySTEM

The campaign has three main aims: 

  • attract female talent to the research area, especially in engineering and technology
  • retain and support female talent in research 
  • integrate the gender perspective in STEM

Narrowing the gender gap in science and technology

Looking at the data, Theramex highlighted that despite the fact that women make up 70 percent of health and social care workers, they are paid 11% less than their male counterparts. Furthermore, only 33% of researchers are women, with the gender gap in science and technology holding women back. 

“At Theramex we want to offer our support to STEM women, as without them we would be putting obstacles in our future,” explains Theramex. 

Giving women equal opportunities 

Theramex STEM careers

So why are there less women in STEM? According to Theramex, this is due to gender stereotypes, male-dominated cultures, fewer role models and math anxiety. It’s for these reasons that Theramex defends an egalitarian education, with professionals prepared to guide young women who want to study in STEM. 

“Giving women equal opportunities to pursue and succeed in STEM occupations helps to close the gender wage gap, improve women’s economic security, assure a diverse and competent STEM workforce and avoid biases in these disciplines and the products and services they generate,” says Theramex

Theramex supports women in STEM careers

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