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AECOMs Julianne Da Re is building a resilient safety culture

AECOM's Julianne Da Re is building a resilient safety culture

 February 24, 2022

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As AECOM's Director of Safety, Health and Environment in Canada, Julianne Da Re thrives on connecting with people. Speaking to Canadian Occupational Safety (COS) magazine, Julianne says, "I like working with people to change a culture."

Julianne is also the company’s Organizational Resilience Lead for Canada and it's a role that encapsulates her favorite part of her job, which is “dealing with people, and making the organization more resilient – especially in these changing times," she tells COS. 

Understand behaviors to build a more resilient safety culture 

Understanding workers’ behaviors and attitudes plays a huge part in building a more resilient safety culture. Safety is about “understanding people better and finding what motivates and drives people to work safe," she says. 

Julianne explains that workers need to be educated on what can happen to their quality of life if they don’t work safely. Julianne explained to the magazine that some of her biggest career challenges have been changing behaviours and shifting a culture.

“It’s a constant, uphill battle. It takes a long time and requires a lot of patience. But you need to celebrate the small wins,” she says. “You have to be able to know how to measure that, and celebrate those small successes, because changing a culture can take years. But when you see the change in behaviours, that gives you a lot of satisfaction," she explains. 

Wellness within the workplace 

To help promote wellness within the organization, AECOM has an incentive-based wellness program which gives people points for different wellness activities.

“Wellness is something that isn’t nine to five either, therefore our wellness program has shifted to focus on what you do outside of work for your wellness,” Julianne adds.

Read the article in full to learn more about Julianne's impactful role in helping to build a more resilient safety culture with AECOM.

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