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After a three year career break, Roly Samaiyar joined WTW

After a three year career break, Roly Samaiyar joined WTW

 March 10, 2022

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After a successful 12 years in the corporate world, a career break was never on the cards for Roly Samaiyar. Post her maternity break, when it was time to return to work, she realized it was going to be an uphill task.

But all that changed once she got an opportunity to restart her career with WTW after a three-year break.

"I was leading operations for a key account at a global insurance broking organization. I was proud of what I had accomplished in the 12 years of my career with experience in team management and had upskilled myself with three professional certifications," explains Roly.

"Having worked passionately over the years without any break, I was very committed to continuing to work even after having a baby. However, when I had my baby, I was gripped by a dilemma that most professional women go through after the birth of their child – should I stay home to take care of my newborn exclusively, or should I resume work?"

"Also, my personal circumstances, shift hours at work, and the long commute did not make it easy, and I decided to take a break," says Roly.

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