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WTW returners program supports re-entry into the workplace

WTW returners program supports re-entry into the workplace

 April 07, 2022

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WTW is proud to partner with Inclusivity to hire professionals that are ready to re-immerse themselves back into the workplace. 

Supporting returning professionals

Inclusivity's Cross-Market Insurance Returners Program is a six-month program aimed at professionals who have taken time out of work for at least 18 months and are ready to re-establish their career in a supportive environment.

Providing six-month paid opportunities

As a program partner, WTW is working with Inclusivity to provide six-month paid opportunities for Returners. These opportunities enable returners put to use their past career expertise and to bring themselves back up to speed with the current market. 

The goal of the program is that the returners will secure a permanent position at WTW at the end of the six months.

Making diversity and inclusion a reality

Inclusivity offers innovative, people-centered services that are grounded in the latest research in the employment, diversity and inclusion sphere and are constantly updated, adapted and refined.

Inclusivity partners like WTW get practical guidance to make diversity and inclusion a reality in the organization. Inclusivity equips partner organizations with the knowledge, tools and support to pioneer a truly inclusive and productive workplace.

Join a supportive company like WTW 

Inspired to join an inclusive team at WTW

WTW is creating an environment to welcome and support women returners.

Discover the wide range of career opportunities available and set a path for success. 


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