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WTW supports Canadian Mental Health Week

WTW supports Canadian Mental Health Week

 May 06, 2022

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WTW is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is heard and respected, so actively supported Canadian Mental Health Week.

Championing the importance of empathy

Supporting the theme of "Empathy" WTW said they: "Empathy promotes a feeling of emotional connection, which is so important in these challenging times."

Empathy is the capacity shared as human beings to step into each other’s shoes, to understand where another person is coming from and what they’re feeling. It is the ability to listen hard and refuse to judge, and is one way to reduce and resolve conflict.

Adopting a healthy company culture 

To thrive in today’s rapidly changing world, organizations must adopt a healthy company culture, where inclusion and diversity is steeped in the talent experience.

With 45,000 colleagues serving more than 140 countries and markets, WTW's company vision includes being a destination employer where colleagues work together as one team. The company believes that building a diverse workforce that leverages its best thinking and efforts will be the key to sustaining its competitive advantage, today and in the future.

Caring for its communities 

WTW recognizes that a big part of being a good corporate citizen is caring about its communities and taking steps to help reinvest in and strengthen them now and for the future. It believes in equal employment opportunities, and is committed to developing a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is respected, valued and appreciated.

Work for a company that is supportive of mental health

WTW is committed to creating exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth, acknowledging the importance of empathy at every step of the journey.

Search the career opportunities with WTW and set a path for success.


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