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WTW leaders Carrie Khan & Erin Terkoski Young give wellbeing tips

WTW leaders Carrie Khan & Erin Terkoski Young give wellbeing tips

 May 06, 2022

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WTW understands that taking care of oneself is important in order to be present and useful to those who rely on you.

Mental Health Awareness Month is a great time to take stock of our mental health and our emotional wellbeing journey.

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WTW Senior Directors of Health, Equity and Wellbeing, Carrie Khan and Erin Terkoski Young, share below their tips for resetting our own wellbeing

Set mental health goals

Set a mental health goal, engaging in practices such as weekly or daily mindfulness or gratitude exercises.

Reflect on self-care

Reflect on self-care, what it means to you and how to create space to care for yourself, like setting defined boundaries on your time and energy.

Seek professional support

Acknowledge issues that have not been addressed and may require clinical care, such as symptoms of depression or anxiety, or behaviors like disordered eating or disrupted sleep, and start the process of getting professional care.

Prioritize movement 

Prioritize movement and the value of the mind/body connection. If you exercise with others, they can also reap the benefit that endorphins can have on mental health.

Do good for others

Empower others and do good around you. Offer praise to your colleagues, or share meaningful articles, books or information that intellectually stimulates others and creates appreciation in your organization.

Work for a company that focuses on employee wellbeing 

WTW helps clients unlock the business value of employee wellbeing, boosting the effectiveness of Total Rewards and the Talent Value Proposition (TVP), engaging employees, and improving their performance and productivity.

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