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WTW colleagues embrace inclusion, celebrating Pride Month

WTW colleagues embrace inclusion, celebrating Pride Month

 June 20, 2022

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Inclusive employer WTW shares images of some favorite moments of Pride Month as colleagues come together to celebrate.

At the start of Pride Month, the company revealed a newly-designed inclusive logo representing all identities.

Inclusion and diversity are fundamental at WTW

At WTW, a culture of inclusion and diversity (I&D) is critical to its business and is fundamental to everything the company does - how WTW hires and promotes, how the company works with clients and how its teams function. The reason is simple: WTW knows that making tangible progress on I&D objectives is good business.

WTW is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is heard, respected and valued for who they are.

WTW believes that building diverse teams that leverage everyone's best thinking and efforts will help people make better decisions, be more creative and improve ability help clients solve complex problems. It's key to sustaining WTW's competitive advantage, today and in the future.

With 45,000 colleagues serving more than 140 countries and markets, WTW's company vision includes being a destination employer where colleagues work together as one team. Employees use their unique perspectives to serve clients, striving for excellence and high performance everything they do. WTW's enterprise-wide I&D priorities align with and support this vision.

Delivering great impact

WTW Pride Month

WTW's global I&D council, sponsored by Chief Executive Officer, Carl Hess, and Chief Human Resources Officer, Kristy Banas, sets the standard for the company's I&D initiatives globally. It is driven by geography-led I&D councils that provide local perspectives and help translate the company's global priorities into actions that will deliver the greatest impact within each region. These councils – with members from our various businesses and functions – drive WTW's I&D activities around the world, ensuring that these initiatives are directly embedded within ongoing performance and aligned with its priorities.

Engaging talent and connecting colleagues

WTW's inclusion networks are designed to engage talent and better connect colleagues to each other, clients and the communities in which they work and live. They are at the heart of how WTW engages and inspires colleagues on the ground and actively work to support WTW's goal of recruiting, retaining and developing underrepresented talent. Each of WTW's inclusion networks has two executive sponsors – either at a global and/or local level – who use their influence to advocate for and advance the mission of the network.

These include WTW's LGBT+ inclusion network that promotes a supportive, respectful and inclusive working environment for colleagues across the diverse spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity. This network seeks to engage LGBT+ colleagues, strengthen their affiliation with the company and facilitate the development of relationships with LGBT+ members of the communities.

"The aim of the LGBT+ network is to engage LGBT+ colleagues, strengthen their affiliation with the company and facilitate the development of relationships with LGBT+ members of the communities in which we work and live," says Suzanne McAndrew, Global Head of Employee Experience & Global LGBT+ Network Leader.

WTW pride

Join a company that embraces inclusion

WTW has a highly inclusive workplace culture – one where colleagues are empowered to bring their authentic selves to work.

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