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WTW earns Fair Play, Equal Pay certification from Girl Scouts

WTW earns Fair Play, Equal Pay certification from Girl Scouts

 July 18, 2022

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WTW earns certification from the Girl Scouts Fair Play, Equal Pay® seal to show the company's ongoing support for bringing more women to the leadership table.

This innovative certification evaluates the commitment of an organization’s leadership to parity. The certification assesses the commitment to enabling women at all levels of their company to achieving career advancement, creating a pipeline of female talent.

Engaging businesses to take action

Girl Scouts launched the Fair Play, Equal Pay® Gender Parity Initiative to engage businesses to take action now to help build a more equitable future for girls. Girls Scouts believe gender should not be a barrier to equal opportunities for leadership and success.

A powerful catalyst towards workplace equality

Girl Scouts WTW

The Gender Parity Initiative is intended to be a powerful catalyst towards parity in the workplace. Girl Scouts has set a bold goal for organizations to ensure diverse women hold 30% of leadership roles and earn equal pay for equal work by 2030.

Reinforcing commitment to parity

Girl Scouts of the USA is asking companies to reinforce their commitment to parity and complete an assessment of their gender parity status and earn the Girl Scouts' Gender Parity Certification

The commitment entails:

  • Step 1: Pledge to increase gender parity within your company by ensuring 30% of leadership positions are held by diverse female talent by the year 2030.
  • Step 2: Complete an assessment of your company’s gender parity status.
  • Step 3: Advance your company’s gender parity status using expert-informed resources available through the initiative.
  • Step 4: Achieve Girl Scouts’ gender parity certification and proudly promote your organization’s success prominently displaying your certification seal.

Through this commitment, WTW has made the following pledge: “We pledge to advance gender parity in our company’s decision-making leadership roles by executing a quantifiable, results-oriented talent plan that drives industry-leading female representation and equal pay for equal work. We commit to fostering a workplace characterized by diverse talent that, by the year 2030, includes women in at least 30% of our corporate leadership roles.”

3. Women in the Workplace (McKinsey 2020)

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