Passionate about womens health, Theramex fundraises for charity

Passionate about women's health, Theramex fundraises for charity

 August 10, 2022

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Theramex employees have a genuine passion for improving the lives of women around the world.

Fueled by their passion for women and their health, Theramex employees cycled all the way from London to Brighton in the UK, in collaboration with Woman's Trust, the company's choice charity of the year​.

Raising money for domestic abuse victims

Theramex Woman's Trust

By taking this journey Theramex raised £3,055 for women affected by domestic abuse, helping provide free counselling and support to those that need it the most.​

At Theramex, passion means being committed in heart and mind to improving care in women’s health in every way we can. A big thanks to the entire team who took part in this initiative," said Theramex. 

Supporting women affected by domestic violence and abuse

Theramex Women's Health

Woman's Trust has a mission to help any woman in London affected by domestic violence and abuse to overcome the mental and emotional harm and rebuild her life, by providing women-only, client-led counselling and support services. 

The charity was set up specifically to provide free and specialist counselling for women; to help them address the complex psychological trauma caused by domestic abuse, on their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Woman's Trust's independent, confidential services are exclusively for women who have experienced domestic abuse including but not limited to:

  • domestic violence
  • coercive control
  • emotional abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • financial abuse
  • controlling behaviour

A safe environment to discuss experiences openly

Theramex Woman's Trust

Woman's Trust provides a safe environment where women can discuss their experiences openly and without fear of being judged; to process their thoughts; and to understand, express and learn to manage their feelings with the help of our specially trained therapists.

Most importantly, the group recognises that domestic abuse is about more than violent behaviour; coercive, controlling relationships can also cause lasting emotional and psychological harm. The charity is a women-led service supporting women, and all of its staff and volunteers are women.

Join Theramex and enjoy a purposeful career 

Theramex is a champion for women and women's health. 

Joining the company and embark on a rewarding and purposeful career to make a difference.

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