Meet Honeywell Aerospace Senior Plant Director Nicole Carver

Meet Honeywell Aerospace Senior Plant Director Nicole Carver

 September 20, 2022

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Senior Plant Director, Nicole Carver, is Site Leader for one of Honeywell Aerospace's sites in the Phoenix Valley, USA.

She is responsible for ensuring employees are safe while working at the Honeywell Aerospace Deer Valley site. She is also responsible for delivering quality products to Honeywell customers on time, every time.  

Nicole leads a team of around 150 Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) employees who work collectively to achieve the site’s metrics around safety, quality, inventory, delivery, cost, and revenue.

"It’s a dynamic role that allows me to interface with customers, other Honeywell Aerospace Leaders, and the direct team doing the work in the factory," explains Nicole. "Understanding what motivates the employees and what we can do as a leadership team to help them feel empowered and as passionate about making transformational improvements at the site, is what is motivating to me. Our performance at the site directly influences our customers' perception of Honeywell. If we are difficult to deal with and/or do not deliver quality products to them when they need them, it could potentially impact decisions to place more work with Honeywell in the future."

Nicole suggests some of the main initiatives being driven by Honeywell specifically regarding her area of Integrated Supply Chain Transformation include contemporary procurement, a simplified supply chain, data, analytics & digital supply chains, capability building, and revolutionized planning.

Paying it forward

Reflecting on her career highlights to date, Nicole says: "One of my most recent successes I feel really proud of is watching an individual, who I've been informally mentoring for a few years, blossom into an incredible leader. I had worked with her in my previous function before taking the Site Leader role and saw such potential in her that I wanted to bring her over to the Deer Valley site to do a role that was totally outside of her experience and background. Fortunately, she agreed to take the role and, as I had suspected, made an incredible impact in less than 12 months. Not only did she make significant process improvements, her passion and energy to make things better actually was contagious and became the tipping point for the rest of the Site Leadership Team. Since then, she has recently been promoted to the Logistics Leader at the site, and again in week two I'm already seeing such amazing results from her in this new role that I know, she'll have an incredible impact both on the people and the processes over the next 18 or so months."

A supportive and collaborative work culture 

During her 26-year career at Honeywell, Nicole has had the opportunity to work with and for some incredible leaders, as well as having had amazing and inspiring mentors.

"Many mentors and leaders have since retired and/or left and as they did, I realized that it was my turn to step up and act in that capacity for others around me. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to move into the Site Leadership role. The Site Leadership roles have the unique ability to reach and influence many employees on a day-to-day basis," shares Nicole. 

Nicole respects the diverse and inclusive culture that has become part of Honeywell's DNA. Having worked at Honeywell Aerospace for well over two decades, Nicole says she has seen how the workplace has progressed. "Within Honeywell Aerospace for example, diversity and inclusion are not just something that is talked about, but rather they are truly followed through on and demonstrated via the many opportunities and development programs that high performing females and further individuals, regardless of gender, have had an opportunity to take advantage of."

Nicole says there is a strong Diversity & Inclusion Network within Honeywell that is open and available to anyone who seeks to leverage it. "The ability for all employees to leverage a Honeywell network and connect with incredibly talented individuals within the company is really what differentiates Honeywell from other companies in my opinion." 

Striking a great work life balance 

Honeywell Nicole Carver

Outside work, Nicole enjoys staying active and productive, and she enjoys 'glamping' in her Airstream Basecamp with her dogs.

"I enjoy spending the entire daylight hours outside hiking and being in nature," says Nicole. "During non-camping days, I enjoy doing projects around the house where I can problem-solve and be creative building things such as furniture, lights, and/or renovating spaces. I also allocate time on the weekends to catch up exercising. My cardio exercise of choice is indoor drop saddle spinning. This is where you hover over the bike seat and pedal to the beat of the music. It’s incredibly hard, but it also clears your head and allows your creative thoughts to start flowing."

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