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Susan KlausSmiths works on design and education at AECOM

Susan KlausSmith's works on design and education at AECOM

 September 28, 2022

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AECOM's People Spotlight series features Susan KlausSmith, Higher Education Studio Leader in North America.

In her role, Susan collaborates across offices and disciplines to design and deliver creative, innovation-inducing learning environments.

Educational success by design 

Susan says that no other time in her career has she experienced such a challenging yet exciting time. 

"In my role I get to blend my love for design with my passion for education, helping higher education clients navigate the new higher education landscape that is forming after three disruptive years that greatly affected student experiences and success," explains Susan. 

"Whether planning a new campus or reimagining existing ones, we are challenging ourselves to think differently to meet students where they are and hear what they need to succeed, to envision a more diverse, equitable and inclusive learning landscape. I love what I do and believe that the places we design and deliver are building a better world."

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The People Spotlight series provides industry insight from AECOM experts around the world, and provides insight into their work and inspiration.

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