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WTWs Ximena Suarez Araujo explains Hispanic Heritage Month

WTW's Ximena Suarez Araujo explains Hispanic Heritage Month

 October 04, 2022

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WTW's Multicultural Inclusion Network celebrates cultural diversity. The network also educates about race, ethnicity, religion, language and cultural differences.

WTW proudly marks Hispanic Heritage Month and Director, Global Benefits Management & Wellbeing, Ximena Suarez Araujo, shares why: "Hispanic Heritage Month is another way to celebrate diversity. It's an excellent excuse to learn about the culture, history, and influence of people from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America that makes the US so colorful and rich."

Focusing on the needs of colleagues from a range of backgrounds

The WTW Multicultural Inclusion Network focuses on the particular needs of colleagues from a range of backgrounds and encourages acceptance through learning about and celebrating the diverse races, ethnicities, religions, languages and cultures that make up our organization.

By leveraging the differences among its diverse cultural groups within the company, WTW is better able to serve the clients and communities in which these same groups are represented.

Feel included via a thriving career at WTW 

Be seen and valued in the workplace.

WTW celebrates diversity and champions an inclusive environment. Enjoy a fulfilling career, search job opportunities at WTW. 


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