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World Mental Health Day sees WTW share wellbeing resources

World Mental Health Day sees WTW share wellbeing resources

 October 11, 2022

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Not only does WTW focus on supporting the wellbeing of its own employees, but the company assists further employers to promote mental health and mental wellbeing every day.

Supporting World Mental Health Day

WTW marked World Mental Health Day by highlighting valuable resources and solutions available to organizations to support employee mental health and wellbeing.

The company said that World Mental Health Day presents an opportunity to review an organization’s current state and approaches to employee mental health and adopt big or small changes.

Reminding employees mental health care is important

According to WTW, mental health needs inside an organization span a wide spectrum, including those who:

  • are healthy, may not need care or may engage in self-driven care or with digital tools when needed
  • have moderate mental health conditions, such as a clinical diagnosis of a mental illness, who are moderate users of therapeutic services
  • are seriously mentally ill, with chronic conditions and high needs of the health care system

"Mental health is a concern for all of us, not just those with a formal or clinical diagnosis. Stress, family dynamics, chronic medical illness, natural disasters, trauma, grief, and many other events that happen in daily lives impact how someone manages their mental health. Mental health impacts all employees, and World Mental Health Day is a good opportunity to remind employees that mental health care is important," said WTW.

Ways to spotlight mental health 

WTW shares five ways that employers can spotlight mental health:

  • Raise awareness
    Actively promote mental health awareness and care, use ribbons, fundraisers, or other campaigns as an opportunity to bolster awareness. Share information on mental health widely through various modalities or consider guest speakers.
  • Focus on the workplace environment
    Consider positivity campaigns, acts of kindness, or ways to encourage and develop more empathy to others and healthy habits. Consider the workplace environment and how mental health connects to DEI initiatives and the different ways diverse populations use/need mental health services.
  • Arrange a wellness event
    Provide information, address stress, hold mindfulness/meditation/yoga activities, and offer employees time away from work to take part.
  • Communicate
    Renew focus and attention on managers, communicating resources and ways to connect struggling employees to services that may be supportive. Refresh communications to employees about the resources available, especially if benefits, programs, or offerings have enhanced or changed.
  • Address burnout
    Adjust the day to address burnout and stress, consider no meeting days, no video days, and general flexible work policies.

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