Meet two women engineers behind the Honeywell Anthem flight deck

Meet two women engineers behind the Honeywell Anthem flight deck

 October 19, 2022

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Honeywell’s newest and most advanced flight deck heralds a new age of aviation. Honeywell Anthem provides a giant leap forward for avionics, and here we meet two of the women engineers behind Honeywell Anthem.

Meet the innovators making aviation safer, smarter and more intuitive. Enter the world of Trish Ververs, an engineering fellow crafting the intricate flight systems for the next generation of aircraft. And meet Dany Ambarwati, a lead systems engineer building a more connected, intuitive and efficient flight deck for the future of avionics. 

Trish Ververs and Dany Ambarwati share what it’s like to be making history, and provide advice to further women and girls considering pursuing STEM careers.

Working in a diverse team

Honeywell engineer

Honeywell Engineering Fellow, Trish Ververs, says: "Working with a diverse range of individuals makes you not only look at what has worked in the past, but also challenges you to look at things from all angles." 

Being part of the bigger puzzle

Honeywell engineering

Honeywell Lead Systems Engineer, Dany Ambarwati, says: "I feel very fortunate to be a part of this new product. Regardless of the specific tasks I do in supporting this new flight deck, big or small, all these pieces are all important to make the big puzzle." 

Find out more about Trish and Dany's work as women engineers on Honeywell Anthem.

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