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WTW marked Black History Month focusing on inclusive workplaces

WTW marked Black History Month focusing on inclusive workplaces

 November 01, 2022

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WTW marked Black History Month by teaming up with Young Diverse World Changers (YDWC) to lead a debate on whether teams built with the criteria of diversity work better, and whether selecting teams based purely on experience and achievements undermines diversity. 

WTW Head of Legal CEEMEA, Shoma Banerjee, said: "The debate is a chance to reflect on this year's theme, Time for Change: Action Not Words and come together to ensure all workplaces are inclusive."

Dedicated to professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds

YDWC is a professional network designed by, run by, and dedicated to professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds. YDWC understands the unique challenges faced by those who are underrepresented in competitive professions, and created this platform to empower peers with the tools, knowledge and connections to overcome structural barriers. It is a diverse collective of leaders, deep thinkers, free spirits and visionaries, coming together to embrace the true essence of personal and cultural identities.

An annual celebration of achievements of the Black community

Black History Month (BHM) is an annual celebration of the successes and achievements of the Black community and provides a time to recognize impressive impact across society.

WTW is a diverse and inclusive employer 

WTW believes that a culture of inclusion and diversity (I&D) is critical to its business.

WTW's commitment extends beyond words and is put into practice throughout the organization every day.

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