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AECOM marked World Cities Day by discussing equity challenges

AECOM marked World Cities Day by discussing equity challenges

 November 01, 2022

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Today’s cities face equity challenges across many dimensions, so this presents a very exciting area to work within.

AECOM delivers sustainable and equitable urban spaces. As such, the company marked World Cities Day by sharing its bespoke solutions to challenges felt by different cities in the world.

Interestingly, AECOM refers to idea of an ‘Equity Lens’ that examines disparities in outcomes for citizens based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or income.

Their 'Equity Lens' cites specific considerations for a number of equity dimensions:

  • Structural equity - relating to historic advantages or disadvantages affecting residents in the community
  • Procedural equity - inclusion of residents who have been historically excluded in participation for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the proposed policies or projects
  • Distributional equity - distribution of civic resources and investment explicitly directed to address inequity
  • Transgenerational equity - ensuring projects do not impose unfair burdens on future generations, and improve conditions for prosperity in future generations within a community

AECOM recognizes the need for improving equity in cities, so suggests the equity assessment process can be transformed into a robust data-driven, online tool that could score and track projects and progress towards the equity goals.

Promoting community interest in global urbanization

Marking World Cities Day,  AECOM helped promote interest in sustainable urban development around the world.

Working for AECOM means having an opportunity to get involved in lots of very exciting urban development projects.

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