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AECOM offers flexibility with its Freedom To Grow philosophy

AECOM offers flexibility with its Freedom To Grow philosophy

 November 03, 2022

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AECOM offers flexible, hybrid work options for all employees through its Freedom to Grow philosophy, which supports employees in finding balance and flexibility they need to do their best, deliver for clients and bring their whole selves to work.

Kevina Kakembo is a Quantity Surveyor in Cambridge, UK, and Vice Chair of AECOM's Gender Employee Resource Group (ERG) who speaks highly of the flexibility offered by the company. 

“Using Freedom To Grow I have made global connections and contributed to the business outside my immediate location,” says Kevina. 

Encouraging flexibility and respecting diversity in work

The guiding rule is that if an arrangement works for the employee, manager, the team and, most importantly, the client, then it works for AECOM.

Employees and managers are encouraged to work together to determine work schedules and locations that prioritize client needs and team collaboration while supporting individual needs.

AECOM's Freedom to Grow program goes far beyond just when and where employees work.

AECOM considers employees holistic experience, encouraging flexibility and respecting diversity in work, communication and thinking styles.

Have the Freedom to Grow at AECOM 

From flexible work options that help balance the demands of work and life, to learning and growth programs that advance careers and the potential of working on projects around the world, the opportunities with AECOM are impressive. 

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