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AECOM engineer Sarah Walmsley has freedom to be gender neutral

AECOM engineer Sarah Walmsley has freedom to be gender neutral

 November 17, 2022

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AECOM's focus on equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) enables the company to better anticipate its clients’ needs, understand the challenges facing the communities AECOM serves, drive innovation that propels the industry forward, and realize AECOM's purpose of delivering a better world.

Meet AECOM Senior Bridges Engineer, Sarah Walmsley, based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Sarah shares how AECOM's culture of inclusivity empowers the freedom to grow and be open in the workplace.

"The freedom I have to be open at work means I can talk to people freely and not worry about someone treating me differently when they find out that I am gender neutral." says Sarah. "I expect to be treated like a person and my openness helps me feel as though I am."

"Having the freedom to be open about their identity, with the full support of AECOM and their colleagues, has helped Sarah protect their mental health and feel safe at work," commented AECOM.

An experienced bridge and structures engineer

With over 12 years experience working on highways, heavy and light rail as well as some more bespoke and unusual schemes, Sarah is an experienced Bridge and Structures Engineer. Her experience ranges all fields from bidding and feasibility to inspection planning, design and assessment.

Sarah graduated from the University of Manchester with a Master of Engineering, MEng, Civil Engineering in 2005. While at university, Sarah spent much of the time with Manchester Nightline, a volunteer listening and information service. Sarah ran training with the service, eventually becoming Head of Training, and then Co-ordinator of the Service. Sarah also ran a society co-ordinating services for students with disabilities across the four Universities in Greater Manchester and was involved in many welfare issues and campaigns.

Helping every employee feel valued and included

To tackle the world’s most complex challenges, AECOM attracts, hires, and develops talented people of all backgrounds, and ensures inclusivity and fairness in the sourcing, interview and hiring processes.

To help every employee feel valued and included, AECOM creates an inclusive workplace through community-building, training and family-friendly benefit policies. The company conducts regular employee surveys and real talk discussions to understand its employees’ experiences and provide a forum for deeper understanding and empathy.

AECOM's employee resource groups create a sense of belonging and lead community outreach, and strategic mentorships promote ongoing dialogue and heightened awareness.

AECOM is a place with opportunity for everyone

AECOM's focus on advancing ED&I within its organization and industry means that it cultivates a work environment that's safe and respectful.

Bring expertise, skills and a unique perspective to help AECOM solve its clients’ biggest challenges.

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