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WTWs Tracey Malcolm discusses the silent remote work (r)evolution

WTW's Tracey Malcolm discusses the silent remote work (r)evolution

 November 23, 2022

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Companies offering remote working can certainly be very attractive.

As remote work gains ground, it offers employers new sources of talent and skills, yet WTW advises that there are hidden risks for employers to address.

WTW Global Leader, Future of Work & Risk, Tracey Malcolm, has shared her thoughts about the silent remote work (r)evolution. "The shift to remote work requires a partnership between your business and functional leaders to identify and monitor the opportunities and vulnerabilities," writes Tracey.

Furthermore, WTW commented that "Total rewards, career frameworks and benefits programs must reflect the flexibility of remote work."

"When the COVID-19 pandemic began, reimagining how, when and where work gets done went from strategic to reactionary," she said. "Many organizations with little history or experience with widescale remote work adopted it to protect employees and maintain operations to the extent they could. But with the worst of the pandemic behind us, it is time for organizations to return to strategic thinking."

Tracey states that as organizations begin to reassess the future of work, many recognize the transformative opportunity of remote work especially for new sources of talent and labor markets with a new supply of skills. Organizations shifting to remote work should realize that this talent innovation has both excellent value creation opportunities as well as risk.

"Transforming work creates an opportunity to combine people and business risk management, especially around the goal of sustaining organizational culture and cohesion. Being resilient, no matter where work gets done, is an important capability in work transformation," shares Tracey. 

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