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WTWs remote working is highly valued by Amanda Radaszewski

WTW's remote working is highly valued by Amanda Radaszewski

 November 23, 2022

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When you want some flexibility in the way we need to work, it's absolutely critical that you're working for a progressive employer that understands, accepts, and makes all attempts to accommodate your needs.

Prime employer for women WTW takes a very progressive approach to work, so that it's focused more on the work itself - rather than where the work gets done. The compant advocates for flexible and remote working to increase employee engagement and retention, and best support its people.

Enjoying freedom to manage her work day, alongside family needs 

One employee who greatly benefits from WTW's approach to work is Amanda Radaszewsk, Senior Associate, Retirement.

When not working at WTW, Amanda enjoys spending time at the beach or the park and "doing anything outside with two young, wild boys," explains Amanda.

Scheduling her work day to accommodate her commitments

Remote working enables Amanda to be in control of her day-to-day schedule, while also being present for her family. This flexibility means Amanda can pick up her children from school, make a doctor's appointment, or go to school functions.

Remote working meant staying with WTW 

The flexibility to work remotely not only impacts life outside of work, but Amanda's career too.

"If I wasn't able to be fully remote, I would've had to find a new job," says Amanda. "My husband's career took us away from a WTW office, and being able to be remote allowed me to continue working with the teams I loved, and the clients I loved, and doing the work I enjoyed."

Enjoy a healthy work/life balance at WTW

WTW women like Amanda are bringing their best selves to work because of the healthy work/life balance provided by the company.

Explore a flexible approach to work and a thriving career with WTW.


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