Honeywell Director Mythili Belle helps make flights more efficient

Honeywell Director Mythili Belle helps make flights more efficient

 December 05, 2022

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Meet Mythili Belle. Working for Honeywell as Director Software Engineering, Flight Systems COE, Aerospace, Mythili has been a part of the Honeywell family for 20 years. She is responsible for driving engineering transformation for Flight Management Systems, Flight Controls and voice activated flight deck with specific focus on Growth, Innovation, Technology, Execution, Connected Solutions and Talent Improvements. 

“In short, I make each flight safer, greener and more efficient,” shares Mythili. “I am excited about the new urban air mobility market segment that is redefining the future of flight.”

Passionate about mentoring  

Honeywell Software Engineer

Mythili is passionate about mentoring and has mentored students in schools and colleges as part of global volunteering initiatives from Honeywell

“I have actively participated in Honeywell branding campaigns for India, presented a lightning talk at the Society of Women Engineers, featured in a futureshaper video and a Times of India - techies and inclusion and diversity (I&D) campaign, and I chair the India Women Employee Network launched in Q1 2022 at Honeywell,” she explains.

One of Mythili’s greatest career highlights of which she’s truly proud of is starting her career as a trainee Engineer in Boeing product line, working on Airbus family aircrafts and learning the nuances of flight management systems development. This is while learning from the best pilots, scientists, and engineers around the world.

“In turn I got exposed to diverse roles of technical, project and people leadership. My current role of leading the Center of Excellence in Aerospace is something I consider a dream come true,” said Mythili.

In her 20-year journey at Honeywell, Mythili completed her Masters when her child was two months old, and then took up greater responsibilities in aerospace when her children were still infants. “I was put on mentoring track and still cherish the mentoring I received and continue to receive from leaders in Honeywell,” shares Mythili.

Exciting achievements as an engineer

Honeywell Software Engineer

In terms of technical achievement, Mythili’s life came full circle when she started working on Airbus Flight Management systems as an engineer in different roles. 

“I then witnessed the awarding of a multi-billion-dollar program from Airbus nFMS through relentless working on the proposals. This is definitely a great moment for me personally,” says Mythili. 

Mythili cherishes breaking her own ceiling and learning different product lines such as flight controls, witnessing speech as technology translating to product in Aerospace, as well as mentoring several engineers in multi-disciplinary roles at Honeywell.

Enjoying a healthy work/life balance 


When not working, Mythili refers to her downtime to an Energy Charging session. 

“This is thanks to my 15-year-old daughter and 7-year-old naughty son. My husband is an integral part of my life and I love spending time with my family watching movies, talking to my parents and sister on daily basis, and I truly feel blessed to have my energy chargers in my life!” Mythili concludes. 

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