Theramexs Camilla Harder Hartvig discusses womens health

Theramex's Camilla Harder Hartvig discusses women's health

 December 07, 2022

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Theramex Executive VP & Chief Commercial Officer, Camilla Harder Hartvig, interviews colleagues about women's health matters. 

Opening up conversations about menopause

Camilla spoke to Dr. Sheila De Liz, gynecologist, women's health influencer and author to discuss the different ways Theramex can educate more women about the menopause, from early on in school to having important and well-informed conversations with their doctor later in life. Dr. Sheila de Liz and Theramex want to open up the conversation around the menopause, allowing for women to feel comfortable to talk about their symptoms, to break the stigma surrounding the topic and unmute the vital discussions around women's health. 

Asking whether we need to teach children broader topics than menstruation and fertility, Dr. Sheila de Liz said: "So obviously we have to teach our kids. I think menopause could be mentioned in school as part of just biology. Where I do feel a central role must be played is with the GPs and gynecologists in that as soon as a woman hits 35 that she gets some kind of booklet put into her hand. Or perhaps if she has her last baby, and she goes for her last checkup after she's had her baby and her doctor says, 'Fantastic, I'm glad that you're finished having babies, listen this and this might be happening in the next five years, here's a booklet, read about it, if you have questions, let me know' so that women are not left to figure stuff out on their own."

Dr. Sheila de Liz says that everybody wins when women go to a gynecologist and are better informed: "The patients are happy, the doctors can really help, there's no overloading of any kind of public health systems with any other stuff. If a woman is sleeping well, if a woman doesn't have mood swings, she's not going to the psychiatrist, she's not going to the psychologist, she's not going to any kind of sleep therapist, and all kinds of stuff, she's feeling fine. Basically the field of menopause was just like no man's land, like a wasteland no one was taking care of. And then I put that into perspective of the way we females are today, because we don't have our mother's or grandmother's menopause, it's entirely different. We are healthier, younger in many different regards. I think we're biologically younger, I believe we are psychologically younger also, and the way we know everything else, you know. We know about puberty, we know about pregnancies, why is it that when we approach menopause, there are no answers? And the answers that I found out when I entered menopause is that we have been lied to, we have been lied to for so many years! We've been told menopause is terrible, and you can't do anything, and you just have to go through it and buckle up and that's it. And I found out that's so wrong on so many different levels." 

Proud to work for Theramex 

Camilla also spoke with Senior Director, Global Franchise Head Osteoporosis & Commercial Excellence Lead, Shireen Bate, and Associate Director, Sales and Marketing, Australia, Tania Kunda, about what makes them most proud working for Theramex, a company uniquely focused solely on women's health. 

Shireen shared: "I think our vision. I think that is really inspiring for people to get behind. Whether it's raising awareness among women or getting MPs to wear a vest that mimics menopause. Those small wins really make a difference, and it's inspiring to see that."

"I live it every day," explained Tania. "I wake up in the morning knowing what I'm doing is just so wonderful for women. And I think that Theramex should be really proud, and I'm really proud to work for such a company that is dedicated to women's health, and it's something that Theramex should be so proud of because we are the only pharmaceutical company dedicated to women's health 100 percent."

Men advocating for women's health

When asked what it feels like as a man advocating for women and their health, Theramex luster General Manager for Brazil, Mexico & Australia, Yugo Eduardo Takahashi, commented: "Personally I'm surrounded by women - my wife and two daughters. I think it's beautiful to have one specific customer, and in this case working for women is fantastic. I think that there's still a lot of unmet medical needs, and our job is to bring innovation and good options that women have access to."

Theramex is a prime employer for women 

Theramex is a company uniquely focused on women's health - an ideal company to forge a career and make positive changes for women. 

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